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Txch Today: AAAs roadside juice

Need a little juice?
Won’t drive your electric vehicle farther than to the grocery store and back for fear of a dead battery? Rest assured— AAA announced their new service of quick charge trucks that will rescue dead electric vehicles and cast “range anxiety” aside. Wired’s Autopia

Up close and personal with asteroid Vesta
Over one hundred million miles away from Earth, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has officially entered into orbit around the asteroid Vesta. As a souvenir, we get an outstanding high-resolution image showing off all its nooks and crannies. Discover

Power-grid data on the big screen
The California Independent System Operator Corporation has installed a whopping 80-foot by 6.5-foot screen in its control room to display real-time power-grid data. This system mixes geospatial data with Google Maps to give ISO employees the most-cutting edge ISO control room in the world. Gigaom

Top image: Power-grid data on control screen. Photo/Courtesy Gigaom.

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