Txch Today: Greenfieldism, snail mail my email, exploding sun!

Snail Mail My Email transcribes your email
A group of volunteers is offering to transcribe people’s emails and then snail mail them to that someone special, free of charge. It’s an “interactive community art project” but, whatever the justification, it sounds cool. Los Angeles Times

Greenfieldism: A meme is born
Journalist Cark Zimmer was appalled by the claims of Baronness Susan Greenfield, a neuroscientist at Oxford, who asserted that digital technology correlated with the rise in children with autism. Using Greenfield’s exact phraseology, Zimmer tweeted his own absurd medical conclusions: “I point to the increase in esophageal cancer and I point to The Brady Bunch. That’s all.” Tweeps followed suit. Greenfieldism is born. Discover’s The Loom

Recruiters increasingly turn to Facebook
Job boards are being threatened by companies’ increasing use of their Facebook pages to post jobs and tout the benefits of working at their companies. This development could pose a threat to and LinkedIn. The Wall Street Journal

More exploding sun
Particles from three major soar flares are zooming toward earth, threatening to disrupt telecommunications but also promising a great light show in the Northern latitudes. The Atlantic

Top image: Courtesy Flickr user Snail Mail my Email

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