Txch Today: Hurricane Irene edition

Hurricane Irene almost 600 miles wide
Now for some helpful stats about the hurricane as of this morning: tropical storm force winds extend 290 miles from the center, maximum sustained winds are 110 miles per hour and it’s moving north at 14 mph, which is very slow. Cloud top temperatures are -63 Fahrenheit, making it the highest, coldest and most powerful thunderstorm tops in two years. NASA

Flying into the eye
Crews from the Air Force Reserve’s Hurricane Hunters have been flying C-130J aircraft directly into Hurricane Irene to gather data. The airplanes drop instruments with parachutes, called dropsondes, that send information on the storm as they fall. Live Science

It’s worse than you think
Or at least it is according to noted meteorologist Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight. He predicts that a direct hit on New York could be a multi billion dollar catastrophe. However, this is based on regression analysis and not, you know, the weather. FiveThirtyEight

But it could be worse…
Our star could be eaten by a black hole like this poor guy. That would ruin our whole week… Bad Astronomy

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